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Lincoln Algebra Research Afternoons

We have recently started to run an informal seminar within our Lincoln Algebra group, where we tell each other about some topic that we are working on, or interested in working on, with the aim of promoting possible collaborations between us. This is run in a more informal way than the ordinary Algebra Seminar with outside speakers. We highly encourage interruptions for questions and discussions at any time.

Our PhD student Valentina Iusa started the series on 17th January 2017, by reporting on a problem she studied in 2015 as a final project for her Italian Laurea Magistrale (which is roughly equivalent to a master’s degree). She described a new take on Hans Zassenhaus’ classification of finite near-fields.

Anitha Thillaisundaram (in the photo) followed on 14th February 2017. She gave us an introduction to branch groups and some interesting problems in the area.

The next seminar will be given by Evgeny Khukhro on 14th March 2017. He will tell us about almost Engel groups.

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