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Excursion to Donna Nook Nature Reserve and Cleethorpes

This School of Maths and Physics staff-student-family-and-friends trip took us to the Donna Nook Nature Reserve to see the seals, and later to Cleethorpes for the afternoon.

Due to low numbers from our school, in order to fill up our bus from Hodson Coaches, we teamed up with the School of Life Sciences, the School of Chemistry, the School of Computer Science, the School of Design, plus staff from the International Office. We also had students from Forensic Science, Performing Arts and even from Leeds.


It was the perfect time to visit Donna Nook, as there were lots of seals:


And lots of people:


We were lucky to see several newborn seals, who still had their yellow-tinged fur and looked really cuddly:


The slightly older baby seals were a bit livelier:





Then there was the farmer nearby who let the Donna Nook visitors park on his land, and one could buy his produce:


The second half of this really enjoyable day was spent in the seaside town of Cleethorpes:




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    November 20, 2017

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