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2nd Annual Charlotte Scott Lecture in Mathematics by Prof. Caroline Series FRS

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Prof. C. Series FRS

On 7 February the 2nd Annual Charlotte Scott Lecture in Mathematics was given in Isaac Newton building of University of Lincoln by Professor Caroline Series FRS, President of the London Mathematical Society. This public lecture  is a part of celebrations of the 160th anniversary of Charlotte Scott (1858–1931), the famous mathematician born in Lincoln, who was also influential in developing  mathematical education of women and their participation in mathematical research. The lecture “Indra’s Pearls: A mathematical adventure” was based on the book of the same title by David Mumford, Caroline Series and David Wright. It described  the authors’ computer explorations of some simple but repeated operations on complex numbers, whose interactions produce delicate and beautiful fractals. Numerous pictures and animations explained the geometry and algorithms which generate the images, behind which lie a wealth of mathematical meaning and questions for further research. The lecture attracted a big audience consisting of staff…

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