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Anitha Thillaisundaram gave a seminar at the Nottingham Trent University

On Thursday the 8th of March 2018, Anitha Thillaisundaram spoke at the Mathematical Sciences Research Seminar at the Nottingham Trent University. The title of her talk was “Hausdorff dimension of pro-p groups – history and open problems”. Her abstract was as follows: “Hausdorff dimension was developed in the 1930s by Felix Hausdorff as a generalisation of our usual concept of integer dimension for sets in Euclidean space. Starting from the coastline paradox, I will sketch how Hausdorff dimension is applied to fractals, and then focus on the recent application of Hausdorff dimension to certain infinite groups, namely profinite groups. Key results and open problems for Hausdorff dimensions of pro-p groups will be discussed.”


Above: Anitha with two NTU mathematicians, Jonathan Crofts and David Chappell.

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