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Maths Trip to Green’s Mill and Wollaton Hall

On Friday the 25th of May 2018, we had our annual maths trip to Green’s Mill and Wollaton Hall in Nottingham. At the Green’s Mill museum, one is greeted with lots of puzzles and hands-on science, before watching an entertaining video about George Green and his life at the mill. There was also a community garden on site, where we were kindly offered a tour and got the chance to play with the overexcited garden terrier.


After Green’s Mill we proceeded to Wollaton Hall for lunch and explored the house and grounds. There were a few close-up deer encounters, and one had very nice views of the shrouded-in-fog house from the lake. Being a Friday, we pretty much had the house and grounds to ourselves. All in all it was a really chilled out and enjoyable day.


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