Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra

School of Mathematics & Physics, University of Lincoln

Algebra Seminar by Tim Dokchitser

On Wednesday the 5th of December 2018, Tim Dokchitser (University of Bristol) will be visiting the Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra and giving a seminar on Brauer relations.

His talk will be at 4pm in INB 3305. All are welcome.

Tim’s talk abstract is as follows:

“If G is a finite group, non-isomorphic G-sets X, Y may give rise to isomorphic permutation representations C[X] and C[Y]. These phenomena are called `Brauer relations’ or `linearly equivalent G-sets’, and they turn out to have interesting applications in number theory. I will explain how to classify Brauer relations in all finite groups, the history of the problem and some number-theoretic applications. This is joint work with Alex Bartel.”


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    November 30, 2018

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