Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra

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Algebra Seminar by Beth Romano

On Wednesday the 13th of March 2019, Beth Romano (University of Cambridge) will be visiting the Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra and giving a seminar. Her talk will be at 3pm in INB 3305, and her talk details are as follows:

Talk title: Representations of p-adic groups via graded Lie algebras

Abstract: The structure of reductive p-adic groups arises from the interaction of Euclidean geometry and the arithmetic of p-adic fields. Reeder and Yu have built on this interaction to give a construction of certain “epipelagic” representations. Their construction has many benefits, but set of vectors that may be used as input for the construction is not well understood. I will talk about on-going work to classify this set, as well as its relationship to Vinberg–Levy theory of graded Lie algebras in characteristic p.


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