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Ice skating excursion to Nottingham

On Saturday the 6th of April 2019, a small group of Lincoln maths students and staff (and others) travelled to the Nottingham Ice Centre. What’s great about this National Ice Centre is that they sometimes have cool opportunities, such as a speed skating taster session. Here one could try out speed skates (those with extra long blades) for free, and an Olympic long-distance speed skater was the coach for this taster session. Two of us (not me) rose to the challenge to try out speed skates and one of the two took to the speed skates like a duck to water, and got a double thumbs up from the Olympic skater.

Here are some pictures from the day. One has to look carefully to spot us (everyone is moving so quickly).



And we got photo bombed by one of the friendly rink personnel:



And last but not least, when we returned to Lincoln, special transporters were underway to assemble to new footbridge over the level crossing. The Tower Bar and the Library offered great viewing points, of something that one does not see every day.



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