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5th Annual Boole Lecture in Mathematics by Marcus du Sautoy OBE FRS

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On 15th of January, Professor Marcus du Sautoy OBE FRS (University of Oxford) delivered the 5th Annual Boole Lecture “The Creativity Code“. At the beginning Prof Evgeny Khukhro introduced the lecturer, a prominent algebraist, who is also very well known for his work popularising science and mathematics on radioTV, and in print. This lecture raised very interesting questions on the role that Artificial Intelligence already plays in the human society and on the prospects of AI acquiring even greater powers and roles in most creative areas of human life. The 500 seat auditorium was filled to the capacity with diverse audience consisting of staff, students and members of the public. At several points of the lecture, Marcus interacted with the audience, using online polling via mobile devices. Afterwards numerous questions and comments spilled over to the atrium of Isaac Newton Building, where a bookstall…

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