Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra

School of Mathematics & Physics, University of Lincoln

Algebra Seminar by Matteo Vannacci

On Wednesday the 11th of November 2020, Matteo Vannacci (University of the Basque Country) will be giving an online seminar at the Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra at the University of Lincoln. His talk will be at 3.30pm and the details of his talk are as follows:

Title: In search of new hereditarily just infinite groups

Abstract: An infinite group is said to be just infinite if it has no infinite proper quotient. A  just infinite group is hereditarily just infinite if each of its finite index subgroups is just infinite. 
Hereditarily just infinite groups are – as of today – quite mysterious. In this talk we will survey what is know about them and I will present some work in progress with G. Fernandez-Alcober and M. Noce about hereditarily just infinite groups representable as self-similar subgroups of rooted trees.

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