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Paper accepted by Communications in Algebra

A paper by Sandro Mattarei, Constituents of graded Lie algebras of maximal class and chains of thin algebras, has been accepted for publication in Communications in Algebra. (See for a preprint version.)


Abstract: A thin Lie algebra is a Lie algebra L, graded over the positive integers, with its first homogeneous component L_1 of dimension two and generating L, and such that each nonzero ideal of L lies between consecutive terms of its lower central series. All homogeneous components of a thin Lie algebra have dimension one or two, and the two-dimensional components are called diamonds. If L_1 is the only diamond, then L is a graded Lie algebra of maximal class.

We present simpler proofs of some fundamental facts on graded Lie algebras of maximal class, and on thin Lie algebras, based on a uniform method, with emphasis on a polynomial interpretation. Among else, we determine the possible values for the most fundamental parameter of such algebras, which is one less than the dimension of their largest metabelian quotient.

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This entry was posted on August 3, 2021 by in New publications, News and announcements, research.

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