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Kourovka Forum: talk by Dan Segal

Kourovka Notebook

On Thursday the 17-th of February, 2022, Dan Segal (All Souls College, Oxford) will give an online talk “Groups, rings, logic” at 20:00 Novosibirsk time (13:00 London time).

Abstract: In group theory, interesting statements about a group usually can’t be expressed in the language of first-order logic. It turns out, however, that some groups can actually be determined by their first-order properties, or, even more strongly, by a single first-order sentence. In the latter case the group is said to be finitely axiomatizable. I will describe some examples of this phenomenon (joint work with A. Nies and K. Tent). One family of results concerns axiomatizability of p-adic analytic pro-p groups, within the class of all profinite groups. Another main result is that for an adjoint simple Chevalley group of rank at least 2 and an integral domain R; the group G(R) is bi-interpretable…

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