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Algebra seminar talk by Elena Tielker (Bielefeld University)

This Wednesday 10th of May, 2023, Elena Tielker (Bielefeld University) has given a digital talk entitled Polytopes and Permutations at the Charlotte Centre for Algebra.

Abstract: It is well-known that the numerator of the Ehrhart series, the so-called h-polynomial, of a lattice polytope has nonnegative coefficients. Only in a few cases (e.g., for simplices) we are able to interpret the coefficients in the context of another counting problem. We present two further families of polytopes whose h-polynomials can be interpreted in terms of permutation statistics. In this context we give new definitions of the major index and descent statistic on signed multiset permutations. In this talk we give a brief introduction to Ehrhart theory and permutation statistics (and their generalisations).

One comment on “Algebra seminar talk by Elena Tielker (Bielefeld University)

  1. Evgeny Khukhro
    May 10, 2023

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