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New member of staff: Dr Anitha Thillaisundaram

Dr Anitha Thillaisundaram

Dr Anitha Thillaisundaram

Anitha Thillaisundaram joined the School of Mathematics and Physics in University of Lincoln as a Lecturer in Pure Mathematics.

She graduated  from the University of Cambridge in 2008, and then obtained her PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2011. In 2011-13 she worked in post-doctoral positions in Germany, Brazil, and India. In 2013-16 she was an Alexander von Humboldt Stipendiat at University of Düsseldorf, Germany.

Anitha’s research interests are mainly in group theory; specifically Burnside groups (for example branch groups), the Burnside problem, Hausdorff dimension of pro-p groups and finite p-groups and their automorphisms. She is also interested in knot theory, combinatorics and number theory.

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