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Great success of the first mathematics conference in Lincoln!

Lincoln School of Mathematics and Physics has conducted on 31st August—2nd September its first mathematics conference “Groups, rings, and their automorphisms”, which was dedicated to Evgeny Khukhro’s 60th birthday. The conference proved to be a resounding success for our new school, attracting leading mathematicians from all over the world, including Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA. Talks and poster presentations were given on groups, rings, their automorphisms, and related problems. One of the highlights of the conference was a talk by Efim Zelmanov, a Fields Medal laureate, and a member of the external advisory board of Lincoln School of Mathematics and Physics; after the conference he received an Honorary Doctorate of the University of Lincoln (more info to appear). Further information on the programme, talks, photos, etc., see on the conference web-site.


2 comments on “Great success of the first mathematics conference in Lincoln!

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