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Algebra seminar by Rachel Skipper

On Thursday the 20th of June 2019, Rachel Skipper  (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and École normale supérieure de Lyon) will be visiting the Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra and giving a seminar. Her talk will be at 3pm in INB3305, and the details are as follows:

Title: On the Cantor-Bendixson rank of the Grigorchuk group and the Gupta-Sidki 3 group
Abstract: We study the Cantor-Bendixson rank for the space of subgroups of the Grigorchuk group and the Gupta-Sidki group. In particular, we show that for G the Grigorchuk group or the Gupta-Sidki 3 group, the Cantor-Bendixson rank of Sub(G) is $\omega$. This is a joint project with Phillip Wesolek.


This visit is supported by the London Mathematical Society Grant Scheme 2 (Visits to the UK) and by the Lincoln Institute of Advanced Studies.


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