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Maths & Physics at Lincoln: EDT Headstart residential course

The University of Lincoln has hosted a EDT Headstart  residential, where thirty students in Year 12 from all over the country have stayed from 1st to 3rd July 2019 to get an introduction to university life at Lincoln, to visit the facilities of our campus, but especially to experience several lectures and workshops in Mathematics and Physics. Two afternoon sessions devoted to academic tasters were held by the School of Mathematics and Physics, and coordinated by Dr Sandro Mattarei. On 1st and 2nd July the students enjoyed the following sessions:

  • Binomial coefficients modulo a prime – A lecture given by Dr Sandro Mattarei
  • Group Theory: algebra of transformations – A lecture given by Dr Simon Smith
  • What is the ‘Butterfly Effect’? – A lecture given by Dr Matthew Booth
  • Cassini: Over a decade of discoveries – A lecture given by Dr Phil Sutton

Before the last lecture the students sat a short test on the contents of the previous lectures, and at the end of the afternoon the best performers received a prize and a certificate for their effort:


Jacob Taylor – First prize



Grace Smith – Second prize



Elena Gupta – Third prize



Sarah Appleby – Another Third prize

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